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Spirit domestic competition

Spirit is proud to host a fun and inclusive domestic competition at PCYC Marrickville! Players can develop their love of the game in a friendly and supportive community environment. We promote the values of teamwork and respect: for each other, your coach, the officials and yourself. We also expect our parents to demonstrate and uphold these values.

The Spirit domestic competition runs on Friday nights at Marrickville PCYC during the school term. The competitions are:

  • U10 Mixed

  • U12 Mixed (Divisions 1 and 2)

  • U14 Mixed (Divisions 1 and 2)

  • U16 Mixed

  • U18 Boys


You can enter as a team or we can try to find one for you. We try to ensure divisions and teams of similar ability. 

We will attempt to facilitate mid-season entries where possible but cannot guarantee entry as decisions will be made in the interest of existing participants. 

DATES TERM 2 Competition :

Our 2022 Term 2 competition will begin on the 29th of April and end on the 1st of July. A total of 10 weeks including finals week (1v2, 3v4, 5v6, etc.). 


There are two way to register to play in our Spirit competition, you can enter yourself as an individual player looking to be added to a team or as part of a pre-formed team. 


Team registrations:

Entering as a team means you nominate the players in your team and the amount of players in your team (minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10). The players you nominate must meet the age and rep player limit criteria (maximum of 3 rep players per team).


You also get to supply the uniforms of your choosing. Uniforms must be matching in colour, each be uniquely numbered from 1 - 99 and preferably reversible so as to avoid colour conflicts with other teams. 

Teams must nominate their your own coach and team contact person. Coaches  must provide a current Working With Children's Check number (WWC) and their date of birth as per the NSW parliament Children protection act. To obtain a WWC number please visit ;  WWC apply online

Click here to enter a team

Individual player registrations:

If you'd like to be added to a team we will do our best to find you a team to join.  We reserve a few teams in each age group for new players. We also do our best to supply a coach to each of these teams.

Spirit Basketball will aim to allocate to each team a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 10 players.

Individual players will need to purchase a Spirit competition reversible single ($40.00)  one-off cost which can be paid for here and picked-up at our Spirit counter on game day. 

Click here to enter as an individual player


Team registrations $900.00 per team for the season 

Individual registrations $150 per player for the season 

** All players must also have a current yearly BNSW membership with Marrickville Spirit Basketball Association and a PCYC Junior membership. 

If you have any questions please contact us at

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