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Who we are

The Marrickville Spirit Basketball Association is a thriving basketball organization located in the heart of Marrickville, NSW. Our offerings include weekly domestic competitions, a Basketball NSW affiliated representative program participating in the NSW Waratah League, as well as learn-to-play and skill development basketball training sessions.

Our primary venue is the PCYC Marrickville Sports Centre.

We firmly believe that basketball is a distinctive sport that fosters both individual growth and team building. It plays a crucial role in helping children succeed in their daily lives. Spirit Basketball is open to all children in the local community, and we are committed to the idea that a sense of community and personal growth are essential components for providing kids with an enhanced quality of life and increased opportunities.


Spirit Basketball has Under 12, 14, 16 & 18 Girls and Boys representative teams competing in the Basketball NSW Metro Junior League.

To represent Spirit Basketball is a privilege and an honour and should not to be taken lightly. Representative basketball takes a huge amount of time, commitment and dedication throughout the season. Players are expected to train, compete in local competitions and participate in club activities throughout the season, as well as compete in the Metro Junior League within Basketball NSW.

Trials are held towards the end of each year to select teams for the following years season. 

Our Mission

At Spirit Basketball, our mission is to foster a positive, supportive, and secure environment that nurtures the passion for basketball among players of all ages and skill levels. As a community-run organization operating under the governance of the not-for-profit Marrickville Spirit Basketball Association, we are dedicated to instilling the values of encouraging young individuals to stay active and cultivate their skills, character, and leadership qualities. We firmly believe that engagement in the team sport of basketball provides a unique avenue for such opportunities.

Our community is bound by a shared spirit and a collective commitment to the sport of basketball. We actively promote the principles of giving one's best effort, persevering through challenges, exhibiting good sportsmanship, showing respect for others, and embracing teamwork. Beyond individual player development, our goal is to empower every player to realize their full potential. Additionally, we offer various avenues for community involvement, including opportunities in coaching, refereeing, and sports administration, allowing our members to make a positive impact beyond the court.

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